Saturday, May 06, 2006

The reshuffle

I suppose I should say something about the reshuffle but want to focus on the positives, particularly as a woman.

We have a new female Foreign Secretary for the first ever time, I think Margaret Beckett will bring back the ethical dimension we might have felt we were missing. I am pleased that the new Chair of the Party is a woman too. Hazel Blears has always worked very closely with the Labour Party, she piloted policy forums in Salford and has always had a strong voice in the party reform debate. She is a great choice, although I thought Ian McCartney was doing a good job, so will be sorry to lose him. Jacqui Smith's elevation to Chief Whip brings another woman into the cabinet too.

I was also pleased that some of the cleverest MPs from more recent intakes have now been made Ministers. Ed, David and Douglas are going to be great, bringing in fresh ideas for our third term.

On the downside, I was extremely disappointed that my own MP, Jane Kennedy is no longer a Minister, I have tremendous respect for her and I think Blair has made a very grave mistake in not offering her a position she could accept. More fool him!

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Jim Noakes said...

A few notes.

As chair of ther Kensington & Fairfield Labour Party, can I say how great it is to have a Labour Councillor in this ward? More than that, Louise has proven, even in a short campaign, that she is capable of representing Kensington & Fairfield people better than the excuses for Councillors from the Lib Dems we have had to ensure. So, to be colloquial, more power to Louise's elbow!!

Aside from that. Wavertree CLP is one that is more concerned than most about the NHS. The NHS, as members say, is more about the people than about the organisation of it all. We have a wonderful hospital or two here (Royal, Alder Hey etc) and we are proud that we have an MP who has sacrificed more than most to support such people. Change needs to occur but it must take place understanding what is most important.

We can now be proud in Kensington & Fairfield that we have an MP who stands up for what she believes. BUT also we have a councillor who is ready to take on the challenges that need to be tackled and the isuues that need to be faced.

Jim N
A proud Labour Member