Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Funny campaign stories for my book

As some of you will know, I am currently compiling funny campaign stories for a book I am putting together in support of the homeless charity, Shelter.

Please do email me with any of your funny stories, do it quickly now while you remember them.

As a starter, here is one I received today from Sheffield

"We had a classic story today. It was in response to a letter sent by Steve Wilson to Labour promises. We got back to a message on the answer machine. It went something like this. "Hello my name is Jane Smith. I live on XXXX road and I received a letter from you today. Obviously it was the one asking me to vote Labour. I'm a mother with three young children and live on the top floor of a maisonette. It can be a real struggle with the prams and everything. Well on the bottom of your letter it said if you need a lift ring me and I'll arrange one. So I'm ringing. We could really do lifts in these flats and it would be great if you could get me one. My number is....... "

I reckon she has a great sense of humour, calling in with that message, because the alternative, frankly, is too much to contemplate!

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