Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Getting back in the blogging saddle

As a Parliamentary Candidate in my home town in Stockton South, it was not really possible to maintain a blog of social commentary. Candidates are representatives of their party and its manifesto; it is not for them to question the direction of policy but to present it to voters for their examination.
Furthermore, with a fully interactive candidate's website where I could talk about local issues, publish photos and encourage people to sign up for campaigns, I didn't need to run two sites simultaneously with the work involved and the potential confusion that could cause. Consequently I took the decision to suspend the blog during the election.

Now that I am once again free to write about subjects that interest me, I am restarting the blog although entries may be fairly sparse to begin with while I get back into the habit.

I look forward to the opportunity to engage with readers once again.


Tim said...

Welcome back!

Are you going to be commenting on the leadership race?


Louise Baldock said...

Yes I think so, although it wont be pretty