Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Holocaust Memorial Day Remembrance in Liverpool

Liverpool Town Hall will be open to the public on Sunday 27th January 2013
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

The Open Day will be themed on Holocaust Memorial Day and this year’s theme is “Communities Together: Build a Bridge”.

As part of the Holocaust Remembrance we will be lighting candles for children that died during the Holocaust. Their names will form a Bridge of Remembrance across the ages and communities.
There are 1,000 named children we want to remember as individuals. This can be done on the day by visiting the Town Hall to sign your promise and light your candle.

Or contact Liverpool Town Hall with your Name, Town / City, we will allocate you a child’s name, where possible we will give you the details of that child, and we will light a candle in your absence.
All we ask is that you promise to remember that child.

"Your Commitment To Remember The Past Will Ensure A Better Future For All Mankind"
On Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 you promise to remember this child who was so tragically killed in the Holocaust
(Yad Vashem) – Hand of God

Telephone: 0151 225 5545
Twitter: @TownHallLpool

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