Monday, October 15, 2012

Emergency Road Closures on Prescot Road, Old Swan

Just seen this update from Gary Millar, which will also apply to any of my residents. Email me on louise.baldock at if you need any more information and I will endeavour to get it for you.
Dear Councillors,
You may be aware of roadworks that have been ongoing for approximately a week on the inbound section of Prescot Road, between Broad Green Road and St Oswald’s Street. These works are being undertaken by National Grid Gas to locate and rectify a gas leak in this area under their emergency powers.

It has been brought to our attention this afternoon that due to the position of the gas main and the available road-width, it is unsafe for National Grid Gas to continue with their works without the road being closed to vehicular traffic. We have also been advised by National Grid Gas that as we are dealing with a gas leak it is not possible for them to back-fill / reinstate the excavation and vacate site to enable the city further time to disseminate this information to the travelling public, as we would with planned works.

As such, we have been left with no alternative but to agree to the closure of this section of road (inbound only) and we are in the process of making the necessary legal orders to enable this to take place with effect from 7pm this evening. National Grid Gas will be working on the leak 24 hours a day to both locate it and rectify it and they anticipate that the works will take in the region of 3 to 4 days to be completed and reinstated. I have requested that they provide the city will regular updates on these works and I will endeavour to keep you notified of progress once this information has been received.

The emergency services and Merseytravel have already been notified of these works and we have arranged for appropriate messages to be displayed on the relevant electronic VMS signs in the city so as to pre-warn the travelling public.

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