Monday, August 20, 2012

The Tiber Street Council School First World War Memorial

You may remember an earlier post about a WWI memorial which was commissioned by Tiber Street School, Liverpool and hung on the wall at the top of the stairs next to the Head Teacher's office. We presume that those fallen were former pupils of the school.

I have now had the opportunity to see the memorial up close and to reproduce its contents. Close up photos are below, along with the names of those lost in the Great War, in the hope that they will be of use to genealogist and local historians. 

The names shown on the memorial are:

William Ball, Henry Beatson, George Boadle, Sydney Booth, Harry Burgess, Albert Carter, Charles Cleator, Robert Creer, Jonathan Daykin, Frank Ellicott, Roger Farrer, Thomas Fearon, John Fielder, Herbert Fletcher, John Fletcher, Alec Taylor (added later), Frank Foulkes, Frank Goodwin, Percy Haseldon, Harry Hogg, George W. Isaac, John Kinrade, Arthur Kirsopp, Harold Lloyd, Robert Lloyd, Joseph Martin, Alfred Moir, William Munro, George Murray, George Price, William Darling (added later), George Clark (added later), Oswald Procter, William Smith, Harold Stubbs, Joseph Sutton, William Thomas, Thomas Thompson, Arthur Todd, John Wallace, Walter Webber, James Webster, William Welch, Robert Williamson, Alfred Wockenforth, Stanley Wood, Joseph Worthington

This picture shows the top of the carved wooden war memorial which reads Tiber Street Council School
This plaque is on the bottom of the memorial and reads "Designed and Executed by C L Poynter, 46 Beaumont Street, an old scholar"

The war memorial showing the names of the fallen in the First World War from Tiber Street School

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