Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warning: Bogus Callers in Kensington and Fairfield

Message from Sergeant Simon Joyce for local residents

I would like to bring to your attention that we have received a number of reports in the last 10 days of potential 'Bogus Officials'

Residents in the Needham Road area and Fairfield, L7 have reported that males and females are calling at addresses attempting to install Loft Insulation free of charge. The 'salespersons' have stated they are from different companies such as "Local Solutions", British Gas". British Gas have been unable to confirm if they have had people working in our area. The other two sound like they could bogus callers.

We are requesting residents to contact us immediately should they be suspicious of callers offering free loft Insulation or any other kind of service so that we can check of their validity! Fortunately and to our knowledge, nobody has yet allowed them into their house.

Contact Merseyside Police on 101 immediately

On 16th February we were working with Merseyside Residents Network in Needham Road distributing leaflets and fitting stickers, door chains and mirrors. This also involved working with a BBC film crew who are making programmes about Bogus Callers for a daytime programme which will be shown over the coming months.

Please circulate this information with other Councillors, business leaders, Church groups and to residents of Kensington, Fairfield & Edge Hill. We have been distributing posters to alert residents, your help will spread the word much quicker.



Simon Joyce Sergeant 5603

Kensington & Fairfield Neighbourhood Police Team Tuebrook Police Station Liverpool

L6 4BR

0151 777 4300


Anonymous said...

Louise and readers, I have been able to recently confirm that I have made contact with a manager from Go Greena. They advertise and provide a number of services to residents in Manchester, Merseyside and further afield which also involves calling at houses to promote/sell their products including home insulation.I have suggested that they should make contact with the local Crime Reduction Officer or Neighbourhood Police Team of the area they have doorstep callers working.
I would request removal of their name from the main blog.
Simon Joyce Kensington & Fairfield Neighbourhood Sergeant. 28/6/2012

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Simon, I shall amend the post above to delete the name of Go Greena now that you are happy with them. But leave these comments here in case anyone has arrived here through an earlier posting. Thanks for clarifying things for our residents. Best wishes, Louise