Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Unofficial NW Regional Labour Party Christmas Quiz

I found the original of this photograph in LP Regional Office last week. I would say it shows the 1992 Labour Party General Election candidates for the NW of England (with the manifesto), although I am not quite sure why Harriet Harman is in the photo in that case.

How many candidates can you name? and which constituency did they stand for? You will have to say where they appear in the photo, otherwise you might just have googled them!

Good luck!


Bystanderinhope said...

Harriet launched the manifesto at Manchester Town Hall, after a pretty awful photo-op at a hospital in Stockport. Think it must have been Stepping Hill.

Louise Baldock said...

Of course I don't know who they all are so I dont know quite how we will award points....!

Matt Finnegan said...

Harriet was launching the manifesto - at Manchester Town Hall, from memory. On the steps outside i think this was. She had come (late) from a photo shoot in stockport which was pretty disastrous.

AJT said...

Extreme right is I believe Jane Kennedy. To the left of Harriet is one of the Eagle sisters and the one to the right of Harriet is possible the other Eagle sister.

Bloke at front in glasses - immediately behind him is Dierdre from Coronation Street ;-)