Saturday, October 08, 2011

Everyone needs a Lucy Smith

A message from Julie

My name is Julie Hilling and I was elected as MP for Bolton West at the last General Election.

To be honest, when I was selected as the candidate I was told by almost everybody that I was on to a hiding to nothing, they reckoned that the seat was so marginal that Labour would not be able to hold it, that there weren’t enough members to do the work, that there wasn’t enough money to pay for all the leaflets……

And at the time, given what they knew, they were probably right………but they hadn’t reckoned on Lucy Smith!

Lucy Smith is a member of Labour Party staff, her title is "Regional Organiser" but in Bolton West we call her "The One Woman Election Campaign"!

Can you donate just £2 to help us fund a Lucy Smith for every marginal seat

Lucy was sent to us by Regional Office to help us fight the election. She introduced us to fantastic new techniques in how to get our message across to as many people as possible, to raise money for the leaflets, to get more and more people involved in the campaign and to do this she worked more hours than I thought it was possible to do in a week!

On election night we were all devastated when the count finished and the result was that we had lost the seat by just over 100 votes…...

But not our One Woman Election Campaign!

Lucy insisted that we didn’t give up, that it was so close we should push through a recount. Eventually we got one. And that was when it was discovered that we had actually got 92 votes more than the opposition.

Without doubt I would say that without Lucy Smith, Bolton West would be a Tory seat now. So I write to you to thank you for your membership of the party which helps to pay for Lucy and others like her.

To win the next General Election we need to win back our marginal seats in the North West - and to do that we need a Lucy Smith in every marginal seat. And we need them now.

Please click here to donate just £2 to help us fund a Lucy Smith in every marginal seat
And once again, thank you for Lucy Smith!
Julie Hilling MP for Bolton West

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