Monday, July 04, 2011

Community information leads to discovery of cannabis factories in Fairfield

Local police have advised me of the following information concerning their activities in Fairfield recently.

We begin with Lorne Street, L7

A member of the community had contacted police saying two men were in the house, harvesting cannabis.
The police arrested them both after they had escaped through a downstairs window. One of them was sprayed with CS while trying to run away.

The men were in the process of removing the equipment from the ground floor flat and after a further look round, police also found a cannabis farm in the cellar. The men had sawn the floorboards and joists and then place the floorboards back. There was a ladder underneath going to the cellar.

Officers also discovered a cannabis farm in a property on Hampstead Road, L6 and investigations are ongoing there.

This weekend a farm has been located at an address in Gresham St, L7 after a resident phoned police about a man acting suspiciously. Police have detained a man having found the house rigged up for the start of a cannabis farm. There were 100 small cannabis plants and 150 more substantial plants.

Sergeant Joyce's message to the public in the area is this

"All arrests and discoveries were as the result of community intelligence. Our thanks to the local community for their continued support and help in identifying offences, offenders and providing us with various types of intelligence. Without their help our job would be more difficult."

Local residents have the opportunity to become part of the 'eyes and ears' of the community by joining others in locally organised Home Watch Schemes, details of which PCSTO Rob Moore at Tuebrook Police Station can provide.

The simple message to criminals in our area is simple - we don't want you here and we wont tolerate you, expect to be noticed and reported - and ultimately arrested and charged!

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