Friday, August 13, 2010

Message from Harriet Harman, Acting Leader of the Labour Party

I have just had this message from Harriet, I thought I would share it with you. She has some very interesting things to say!

Dear Louise

Around the country Labour has been getting great results in council by-elections. The results in votes cast in all the council by-elections in July and in the first weeks of August show us neck and neck with the Tories on 34%. The Lib Dems were on 24%.

Our catch-up with the Tories is remarkable in view of the fact that only 14 weeks ago in the General Election we were 8% behind the Tories. This shows that the party is determined to fight back. I strongly believe that support for the Government will ebb away even further as people see the risks that the Government is taking with the economy, when they feel the impact of the unfair VAT increase and the public service cuts.

There is encouraging news of more new members continuing to join the Labour Party. Across the country, the Party has gained 27,894 new members since May 6th. A third of these new members are people who have formerly supported the Lib Dems. Half are Labour voters who now believe that they must join the Labour Party to fight the Government and 10% have joined to take part in our leadership election.

Our conference in Manchester will see us take another important step forward when we unveil our new leader.

Best wishes,

Harriet Harman

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