Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Amazing Mrs Pritchard

This is a wonderful programme that I can definitely recommend.

There are some miserable sods out there who have criticised it for being too far-fetched, that is something we can debate because I can see how it might happen, given the public's penchant for falling in and out of love with celebrities.

However, far-fetched or not, it is funny, interesting, clever, full of women politicians which is a very refreshing change and I love it.

I particularly love the presence of "real" newsreaders, journalists and presenters so that Mrs Pritchard appears on Newsnight or the Today programme for instance, being interviewed by Kirsty and John.

It is great fun.

If you have not seen it, can I please recommend it to you, if you dont know what it is about, let me quickly summarise.

Roz Pritchard, a supermarket manager decides, at the last minute, to stand as an Independent candidate in her local constituency in the General Election, following her witnessing fisticuffs between the white middle-aged male candidates from Labour and Conservative parties. She wants to stand as a candidate who will always tell the truth and be trustworthy and offer something new and fresh to people who have stopped engaging with politics.

Within 24 hours other like-minded women have asked to stand with her, in their own constituencies, and the supermarket owner offers her £10million for a national campaign because she is so impressed with Roz.

By the time of the election itself, the huge media interest in Roz has helped create a situation where a female candidate is standing in more or less every constituency in the country, under the banner of the Purple Alliance (purple being a blend of red and blue). Several key Labour and Tory MPs and candidates have also defected to her.

And on polling day there is a huge turnout amongst the disaffected and Roz is elected as the Prime Minister.

Subsequent episodes have described her progress and some of the challenges she has had to face.

And now she wants to move Parliament to Bradford, to be closer to the people.

Imagine, a common sense party full of good strong women who want to put people first, to tell the truth and do their best.....I would vote for that myself, I might even join them!

Do have a look at their website - click on the title of the link, you can vote on the Bradford question this week.


Anonymous said...

After much searching for someone with something positive to say about the Amazing Mrs Pritchard, it is pleasing to finally find your blog. I fear that I may be in the minority hence the anonymity of this comment.

Even if founded in pure fiction and steeped in pure naivety, it was one of those programmes that lifts the spirits with its feelgood factor politics.

I also think it was a humourous dig at all political parties in much the same way as Swift did in Gulliver's Travellers. I am amazed, that the issues raised in "TAMP" are not being hotly debated around the coffee houses and smoked filled "members" bars aren't being hotly debated around the country.

Top marks to the Beeb for bringin us something uplifting, original, and controversial.

LouiseB31 said...

Oh come on, have the courage of your convictions. If you liked it as much as I did then you wont mind saying who you are.
What a cliff-hanger of an ending too. Do you think she resigned? or not?

Great drama, great acting, very well written, thoroughly enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

A super series - I hope it will be back!


Anonymous said...

Good acting, production,and all that. At first I thought it was light comedy with a good twist. It's nice to think that the average Joe or Jane can do something to improve their country. But as I understood it, the ending was quite dark. Anyone who thinks it's a right idea to turn in a member of their own family "for the good of the state" should be wearing a Swastika or Hammer&Sickle on their sleeve.