Sunday, March 07, 2010

Action on prostitution - and fly-tipping

While out door knocking a few weeks ago I was approached by a resident in the ward who told me that prostitutes were parking up with their punters in a little lane by the side of her flat. (I won't specifically identify the address as I don't want to encourage others). Working with partners, the Clean Team, Riverside C7 Housing Association and Liverpool City Council we have been able to restrict access to the lane with some bollards, which should put a stop to that straight away.

At the same time, we also got the place cleaned up, not just the discarded condoms, but also the fly-tipping taking place on a neighbouring piece of land.

We have also identified another location in the ward where we think working girls are taking their punters in cars and we are taking steps to prevent this from happening there too.

("Before" and "After" photos of the cleaned up site)

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